Real Estate Agent versus Real Estate Investor

Real Estate Agent versus Real Estate Investor

What is the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate investor?

More importantly, which one is best for you?

If you’ve made the decision to sell your Pittsburgh-area home, your next decision is to determine the best method to accomplish your goal. To that end, here are some thoughts comparing a real estate agent versus real estate investor.


The main benefit of listing your home with a real estate agent is that this individual will ideally have plenty of experience selling homes. In a perfect world, a real estate agent would list your home without asking for any repairs, the first potential buyer that looked at your home would purchase it and you would sell your house with little to no commissions or fees charged to you.

As we well know though, we don’t live in a perfect world. So, before you pursue a relationship with a real estate agent, there are a few issues you should be aware of:

  • Real estate agents charge a commission for their services. Their rates can sometimes run as high as 6% of the purchase price. In addition to paying this commission, you will also be responsible for any other additional fees and closing costs not covered by the buyer.
  • Real estate agents will expect you to sign a contract normally covering six to twelve months. Long story short, if you pick a bad real estate agent, this contract could keep you tied to them for its duration.
  • Once your home is listed on the MLS, real estate agents will continually call to schedule walk-throughs of your house with potential buyers. These walk-throughs will often occur at all hours of the day when you’re both home and not at home. Additionally, most of these strangers walking through your residence will not in-fact purchase your home but are just “looking” or “seeing what’s on the market.”
  • There is no guarantee your home will sell quickly or even sell at all. And, while your home sits unsold on the Pittsburgh market, you will still be responsible for mortgage payments, insurance premiums, taxes, utility bills such as gas, electric, Internet, cable, phone or any other costs associated with the home.
  • The real estate agent will likely ask you to make repairs to your home prior to listing it. These costs can add up. You may then have to deal with contractors, which means having to negotiate, schedule and oversee the work. Very few sellers enjoy doing this. More often than not, you won’t recoup these additional costs in any eventual sale.
  • You might even discover your home is in need of major repairs to the extent that you cannot pass inspection. If this happens, your home is “unsellable” since a future buyer will not be able to secure a mortgage. This will likely end your relationship with your real estate agent as well.
  • Just because a potential buyer has a Pre-Approved Letter doesn’t mean they actually qualify. It is indeed frustrating to believe you’ve sold your home to only discover you have to start all over again because your “pre-approved” buyer can’t ultimately secure a loan.


The primary benefit of working with a real estate investor is that the above problems can be addressed and solved. A real estate investor can give you a hassle-free selling experience with an immediate cash offer. You never have to wonder how long your home will sit on the market or need to wait for bank approvals on loans.

Unlike a real estate agent who can waste an indefinite amount of your time trying to find someone to buy your property, a real estate investor like All Cash For Homes PGH will:

  • Purchase your property IMMEDIATELY.
  • Never charge you real estate agents’ commissions, closing costs or any other incidental fees.
  • Never ask you to make repairs to your home.
  • Typically complete the sale and close on the property within 30 days or less, which saves you having to make any more mortgage payments or pay any additional utility bills.
  • Buy your home WITH CASH. No banks or middlemen involved.

Our process is intended to be simple and straightforward. Aside from guaranteeing a quick sale, we hope our approach will also lessen any potential anxiety many sellers feel when making the decision to sell their homes.

If you choose to contact All Cash for Homes PGH, we’ll present you with a free, no-obligation cash offer on your home. You are welcome to accept or reject our quote. There is never any pressure but, if you do accept our offer, we’ll pay you with cash and buy your property as-is. You don’t need to make any repairs.

You are free to pursue whatever course of action you desire to sell your home. All Cash for Homes PGH is simply an option to consider but, depending upon your situation and needs, it could very well be your best choice.

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