People Who Buy Houses

Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors are people who buy houses. They can be active or passive real estate investors. They can purchase commercial or residential properties or a mix of both. Furthermore, they can apply repairs and improvements to these properties before selling. Or, they sell them as-is.

Types of Real Estate Investors

Passive Investors are those who are buying and holding properties in the long-term. Their purpose is to maximize their returns by exploiting the volatility of the real estate market. Meanwhile, Active Investors are those who are continuously buying and selling real estate properties.

Lead Sources

Lead sources of these investment properties are mostly comprised of the following:

  • Real estate wholesalers and investors (flipping)
  • Government entities
  • Real estate agents
  • Real estate brokers
  • Banks
  • Public auction (foreclosure sales, estate sales, etc.)
  • Private sales
  • Market listings
  • Site leads
  • Social media leads

Acquisition Processes

After finding an investment property lead, these investors may then process the following:

  • Investigation
  • Verification
  • Sale Price Negotiation
  • Sale Term Negotiation
  • Execution of Contract to Sell

These investors oftentimes seek the help of a real estate agent and real estate attorney. Their purpose is to assist the investors with the acquisition processes due to the fact that the cost of an improperly executed transaction is high.

Typically, at the start of the negotiation, these investors will make a formal "offer to buy". The offer usually includes the payment of "earnest money" or a security deposit to reserve the investor's rights to complete the transaction if the price and terms can be satisfactorily negotiated. The security deposit is usually considered a signal to show the seriousness of the investor's intent to purchase the property. A security deposit may or may not be refundable (depending on the contingencies written on the agreement).

All Cash For Homes PGH is a great example of a real estate investor. We buy houses using a fast and simple process.

We are:

  • Not a real estate agency
  • We don't do commissions (which can run as high as 6%)
  • No charges (for any incidental fees)
  • No closing costs

Contact us and we will present you with a free, no-obligation, cash offer for your property. You can accept or reject our offer. If you do accept our offer, we will pay you with cash and buy your property as-is. No need to repair your property. We normally close within 30 days.


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