How to Avoid Scammers in Home Selling

“We Buy Houses” scam

Scammers don’t just dwell in the world of text messaging and social media. They are scattered everywhere waiting for their prey. They bait their victims with a “We buy houses” slogan, with some people falling victim to their deceptive traps. It’s indeed a lesson for future home sellers to keep their eyes open and be more careful.

There are several reasons why people are such in a hurry to sell their houses. Some experience financial problems, divorce or death from the family. Others want to relocate because of occupational demands. Nonetheless, even if you are in a rush to let go of your house, you should always make sure buyers you can trust and not scammers you should always avoid.

Here are some tips to help you avoid falling to a “We Buy Houses” scam and save precious time and money in the process.


Review the sale agreement

Don’t just read the sale agreement given to you and make sure you understand it completely. Scammers will try to slip unfair terms that could put you at a legal disadvantage. To be safe, read the agreement word for word and avoid signing the document until you finish doing a thorough sweep of each and every line. You can have your attorney look at it for you so you’ll know if the terms are agreeable.


Do a background check

Always do a background check on your buyer. Trust is hard to earn these days. People who look decent may turn out to be scammers with clandestine agendas. Don’t get fooled by their fancy suits for they are dressed to make your life miserable. The best way to know if a buyer is legitimate is to perform a quick search online. Still, it’s easy to set up a fake website these days, so you will have to rely on other methods such as asking them about their business history. You can also observe the work ethics they apply. Moreover, be cautious of the things they say, especially if these sound too good to be true.


Work with the actual buyer

At the end of the day, it’s still best to work things out personally. Some buyers are represented by third-party companies, which can be problematic in many cases. Rather than dealing with a middle man, you should be able to talk terms directly with the buyer. This guarantees greater transparency in closing a legitimate deal.

If you’re in need to sell your house quickly, it’s always a good rule of thumb to be cautious. Don’t rush yourself. Learn to find real estate investors that have a proven record for delivering the best results to home sellers.

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Contact us today, and you’ll be on your way towards achieving your goals with little fear for the future.


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